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Explain CodeGPT


The Explain CodeGPT feature empowers you to gain deeper insights into your codebase. By selecting specific code segments, you can request CodeGPT to provide detailed explanations and clarifications.

How to Use:

  • Select CodeGPT as Provider and Model
    CodeGPT: Explain CodeGPT

    If you lack API Key access to a provider other than CodeGPT, you can create an account and synchronize it with the extension. To learn how to do this, please refer to the following link. Keep in mind that having a CodeGPT account not only grants you access to certain OpenAI models but also provides access to CodeGPT Plus, an advanced generative AI model.

  • Select the Code: Highlight the code snippet
  • Right-click on the selected code then select CodeGPT: Explain CodeGPT


Select the code, right click then select CodeGPT: Explain CodeGPT

CodeGPT: Explain CodeGPT