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About CodeGPT

Welcome to our tutorial on utilizing CodeGPT in Visual Studio Code!

CodeGPT is a powerful agnostic extension harnessing the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) to boost your programming tasks using AI.


This tool not only allows you to interact with your work environment dynamically but can also create AI Agents that enrich LLMs with context and connect you with repositories, reports, and other critical areas of your business.

CodeGPT VSCode Extension

Getting Started with CodeGPT: Your Guide to an AI-Enhanced Coding Experience

In this tutorial, we'll guide you through downloading and setting up CodeGPT, and show you some typical use cases, so you can seamlessly integrate it into your coding workflow.

Let's get started and dive right into the AI-enhanced coding experience!


While the CodeGPT extension is free, it requires you to use an API from an external provider (see Providers). These external providers are paid services, although they may offer limited usage for free.

In the next module you will learn how to install and configure the extension. Click on Basics to continue.