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CodeGPT is accessible on both VSCode and Cursor. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the installation process regardless of your preferred text editor. Let's get started!

Visual Studio Code

First download and install Visual Studio Code: Download

Install the Code GPT Extension

You can install the extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace, Open VSX, or directly from the Extensions tab in Visual Studio Code.

Search for Code GPT in the Extensions tab

VSCode Marketplace

You can either click on this link to go directly to the CodeGPT's Visual Studio Marketplace page:

Open VSX

Or you can download the extension via Open VSX:


If you prefer to use Cursor, you can download it at this link: Download

Search for Code GPT in Cursor extension bar


For Linux users, please ensure that port 54112 or 54113 is available.

Now that you have the extension installed, you need to proceed with the appropriate configuration.