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CodeGPT Chat


The CodeGPT Chat feature enhances your development experience by allowing you to engage in conversations with a Large Language Models (LLM) directly within your text editor. This tutorial will guide you through the steps to make the most of this powerful tool.

How to Use:

Open the Chat Tab:

  • Navigate to the tools tab and click on the Chat. You can used syncronizing your the CodeGPT Plus account or, other Provider.
  • Now tha chat allow you Clean the chat or Reload the question
  • If you are requesting code, Copy the code or paste it directly on the file with Insert code button.
CodeGPT Chat

Engage in Conversation:

Once the chat tab is open, you can start a conversation by typing a message and hitting Enter.

CodeGPT Chat conversation

Using Code Selection:

To share code snippets, simply select the desired code in your editor.

Code Selection

Pose questions or request assistance by typing your inquiry in the chat. CodeGPT will respond with helpful suggestions and explanations. Also can use the FAQ buttons below the chat, write and press the buttons.

FAQ buttons

The CodeGPT Chat feature revolutionizes collaboration and problem-solving. Its integration directly within your text editor streamlines the development process.

By enabling code selection, you can easily share snippets and receive tailored assistance. This adaptable tool harmonizes with your chosen theme, enhancing visual coherence.

Make the most of CodeGPT Chat and experience a new level of productivity in your coding endeavors.