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Experience the world's fastest Generative AI inference platform. Use a state-of-the-art, open-source model or fine-tune and deploy your own at no additional cost.

Connect your Fireworks account

  • Create an account in Fireworks.
  • Go to your Profile / API Keys.
  • Go to VSCode and choose Fireworks as Provider
  • Set connection on 🔑 button.
  • Paste API Key here, and click on Connect:
Remove Key

If you want to remove your API Key from CodeGPT, select Edit Connection on 🔑, and click on Disconnect

Fireworks available in Code GPT

  • llama-v2-7b-chat
  • llama-v2-70b-chat
  • mixtral-8x7b
  • zephyr-7b-beta

API Errors

If you are getting API errors check the following link: Fireworks Documentation