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CodeGPT Plus

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect your CodeGPT Plus account with the VSCode extension

✨ Click here to create a free CodeGPT Plus account.

Connect your CodeGPT Plus account

  • Open VSCode and select CodeGPT Plus as the provider

  • The browser will open and display the message Connection success. Close the tab and return to VSCode

  • If you connect successfuly, the connection icon must change.

  • Now you are able to use the chat

Remove Key

If you want to remove your API Key from CodeGPT, select Edit Connection, and click on Disconnect.

Select an Agent 🤖

Open the chat and select your agent

Models available in CodeGPT

Now is possible interact with models, Marketplace agents and the agents that you create in Playground:


  • gpt-3.5-turbo
  • GPT-4


On Playground you can set the agents with these models:

  • GPT-4
  • GPT-4 turbo
  • Claude-2.1
  • Claude-3-Sonnet
  • Claude-3-Haiku
  • Gemini-10-Pro
  • GPT-3.5-Turbo
  • GPT-3.5-Turbo-16k
  • Claude-Instant-1.2

Marketplace Agents

You can install the agents from your account, click here